Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



1.25—Chief Executive
  Recruit a permanent Chief Executive Chief Executive appointed in February 2000.
1.26—IT Director
  Resource an IT Director and recruit managers with experience of design and implementation of IT projects IT Director appointed in August 1999. Plan to increase skills base through training and recruitment.
1.27—IS Strategy
  Review IS strategy and implement principles established in the 1996 over next 3-5 years, including full consultation with other DVO organisations. Review planned in 2000. Collective DVO proposals from "Blue skies" analysis will be included.
1.28—Driving Examiners
  Increase utilisation of DEs. May include determining the proportion of flexible labour in examiner workforce. Develop strategy for achieving desired structure and utilisation of DE workforce. Utilisation target set for 2000-01. Examiner terms are under review.
1.29 to 1.31—Efficiency Targets
  Review efficiency targets to include targets for:
—Improving/monitoring utilisation of examiner resource.

—Reduction of estate running costs.

—Limiting aggregate fee increases excluding theory test fee.
—Examiner utilisation target set.

—Estate management costs are intensively benchmarked and shown to be in lowest quartile for our type of property. propose to reduce overall cost of the estate through closure programme.

—No fee increases in 2000-01.
  Reduce number of target and concentrate on those which focus on improving the value for money of service delivery. Number of targets reduced and structure simplified.
  Balanced approach to target setting DSA uses a balanced scorecard approach to objectives.
1.32—Road Safety Target
  Debate the proposed target for the reduction of casualty rates amongst novice drivers with DETR. Road safety target drawn from Road Safety Strategy and agreed with DSA Advisory Board.
1.33—Planning Process
  Develop planning process to encourage ownership and responsibility by individuals for their contribution to the Agency's objectives. Connection between Business Plan, local plans and monitoring system being strengthened to identify individual and team responsibilities. Links to individual performance plans emphasised.
1.34—Commercial relationships
  Ensure strategic handling of commercial relationships, eg strategic overview and single contact to cover all negotiations with a sponsor/contractor. Appoint permanent Commercial Manager. Contract Manager appointed in 1999 to provide overview of all major contracts and best practice of single contact point for theory test contractor being applied to other contracts. Permanent Commercial Manager appointed in January 2000.
  Evaluate the decision not to pursue a Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership approach to the management of the estate, including Cardington. DETR wide review of scope for PPP will include review of the most suitable approach for DSA. The review concluded that management of the departments estate via a PPP would not represent good value for money at present.

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Prepared 14 May 2001