Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


  For the most part VI's work directly supports the road haulage industry, the passenger road transport industry, light goods vehicle owners, the private car owner and the providers of the MOT testing service. VI's work assists these industries, businesses and individuals by:

  1.  Facilitating improved standards in the roadworthiness and operation of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) and Light Goods Vehicles (LGVs) through:

    (a)  statutory annual testing and associated interim voluntary tests;

    (b)  provision of training and advisory services;

    (c)  checks of fleets at depots and at the roadside;

    (d)  prohibiting really unsafe vehicles from further travel in their current state; and,

    (e)  disciplining "illegal" drivers and operators through Public Inquiries and the Courts systems.

  2.  Facilitating improved standards in the roadworthiness of private motor vehicles through:

    (a)  Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) inspections;

    (b)  approving Authorised Examiners (AEs) and Nominated Testers (NTs) to provide MOT testing services;

    (c)  provision of training for AEs and NTs;

    (d)  delivery of advisory services to the MOT service providers and to private car owners;

    (e)  monitoring the maintenance of standards at MOT garages and tests; and,

    (f)  withdrawal of approval to be an AE or NT.

  3.  Providing:

    (a)  specialist expertise, coordinated through our Vehicle Safety Branch (VSB), to identify vehicle or vehicle type specific safety concerns. (This is known as our Accidents/Defect/Recalls scheme.);

    (b)  providing services to the manufacturing industry and motoring public include investigating manufacturing and design defects as well as initiating and monitoring safety recalls;

    (c)  supporting the police by examining vehicles involved in accidents for contributory defects.

    (d)  using our accidents and defects databases to provide information to manufacturers, the police and DETR to assist in identifying problems and formulating policy.

  Overall our contribution to making the roads safer plays a part in the reduction of the number of road accidents and consequent fatalities and serious injuries. The work VI do improving the environmental standards of vehicles assists in improving air quality through the reduction of greenhouse gasses. In these ways VI's work also helps to improve the quality of life for the general public.

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Prepared 14 May 2001