Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 80 - 82)



  80. Why should you stagger it?
  (Mr Williams) It is getting a balance between the traffic flow and the pedestrian provision. If it is staggered then you can get more effective operation of a traffic signal junction in the interests of the traffic.

Mrs Dunwoody

  81. I should like to hear the statistics to back that theory up. All right, it is anecdotal, but take the House of Commons response to the staggered crossing just outside here in Millbank. I am not sure that they do not actually contribute to a number of accidents because people, faced with all this railing and everything else, almost inevitably try to dive across in between.
  (Mr Williams) That was the point I was trying to put. If the traffic flow is heavy enough, then people will be deterred by that. If it is not heavy enough, then you are right.

  82. If it is heavy enough it will stop and then they walk in between anyway.
  (Mr Williams) Yes; that as well.

  Chairman: May I thank you very much for your evidence.

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Prepared 29 June 2001