Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 276 - 279)




  276. I welcome the witnesses to the third session of the committee's inquiry into walking in towns and cities. Please identify yourselves for the record.

  (Miss Andreae) I am Sophie Andreae, a commissioner of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment.
  (Mr Robinson) I am Dickon Robinson and also a commissioner of CABE.

  277. Do you want to say anything by way of introduction or are you happy to go straight into questions?
  (Miss Andreae) You have our paper and the leaflet about the commission, so you know what it does. I do not believe that it is particularly necessary to say anything in addition to that.

Mr O'Brien

  278. You are familiar with the Government's 10-year plan and local transport plans. Are they consistent with the proposals in the urban and rural White Papers?
  (Miss Andreae) In broad terms, the answer must be yes, but the emphasis on walking is absolutely fundamental to urban renaissance. The notion that the pedestrian is king is crucial to the creation of livable cities. Perhaps the emphasis on walking has not been brought out, and obviously a transport plan has principally to do with the integration of modes of transport. One should recognise that walking is the glue between the different modes of transport, so the emphasis on walking is perhaps lacking.

  279. Do you think that walking and public transport should have had a larger share of funds under the 10-year transport plan?
  (Miss Andreae) Improvements in the walking environment need not be expensive, whether one is talking about petits projects or whatever. Improvements to the streetscape need not require major investment. Therefore, lots of small improvements cumulatively can really improve the quality of spaces in which people walk.

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Prepared 29 June 2001