Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Eleventh Report


HC 167-II

01Roger Donnison Esq
02Hugh Burn Esq
03Duncan Cameron Esq
04Harry Baxter Esq
05The Institution of Highways and Transportation
06Mr R Jackson
07 Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
08Richard Harland Esq
09The Confederation of Passenger Transport (UK)
10The Regeneration Practice
11The Institute of Logistics and Transport
12 Sustrans, Routes for People
13The Ramblers' Association
14British Medical Association
15 National Travel Wise Association
16Birmingham City Council
17DETR Joint Cycling/Walking Working Group
18First Group
19Institute of Child Health
20Centre for Technology Strategy
21Planning Officers Society and Local Government Technical Advisors Group
22Terence Bendixson Esq
23Dr Mayer Hillman
24Durham County Council
25The Slower Speeds Initiative
26Henry Law Esq
27Oxford Brookes School of Planning
28Patrick Lingwood Esq
29London Walking Forum
30The Pedestrians Association
31The Civic Trust
32Local Government Association
33RAC Motoring Services
34NHS Health Development Agency
35Association of Town Centre Management
36Transport 2000
37Ray King Esq
38Rita Chadha & Richard Bolt
39Owen Ephraim Esq
40Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
62Michael Aidin Esq
63Angela J Thomson

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 30 June 2001