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Here you can browse the Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 2 May 2001.


Memorandum by the National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom (WTC 41)

Memorandum by the Joint Committee on Mobility of Blind and Partially Sighted People (WTC 42)

Memorandum by The Intelligent Transport Society of the United Kingdom (WTC 43)

Memorandum from the Inland Waterways Association (WTC 44)

Memorandum by the Greater Manchester Transport Resource Unit (WTC 45)

Memorandum by James Cruickshank Esq (WTC 46)

Memorandum by the Federation of Sussex Amenity Societies (WTC 47)

Memorandum by Age Concern (WTC 48)

Memorandum by Walk First in Lambeth (WTC 49)

Memorandum by Peter Waite Esq (WTC 50)

Memorandum by Sandwell Health Authority (WTC 51)

Memorandum by the Go-Ahead Group plc (WTC 52)

Memorandum by the Open Spaces Society (WTC 53)

Memorandum by Colin J Davis Esq (WTC 55)

Memorandum by Oxford Green Party (WTC 56)

Memorandum by The Towpath Action Group (WTC 57)

Memorandum submitted by Oxford Pedestrian Association (WTC 58)

Memorandum by the London Transport Users Committee (WTC 59)

Memorandum by D Paul Cullen (WTC 60)

Memorandum by Coventry's Agenda 21 Transport Working Group (WTC 61)

Memorandum by Wakefield Transport and Health Group (WTC 64)

Memorandum by C Ellis (WTC 65)

Memorandum by the Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management (ILAM) (WTC 66)

Memorandum by Salsa (WTC 67)

Memorandum by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Bradford Health Authority (WTC 68)

Memorandum by the Royal Town Planning Institute (WTC 69)

Memorandum by John Davison Esq (WTC 70)

Memorandum by South West Transport Network (WTC 71)

Memorandum by Dr Eric Robinson (WTC 72)

Memorandum by Dr Fred Broadhurst (WTC 73)

Memorandum by the British Heart Foundation and the Countryside Agency (WTC 74)

Memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (WTC 75)

Memorandum by the Highways Agency (WTC 77)

Memorandum by Interpave (WTC 78)

Memorandum by Rob Wheway Esq (WTC 79)

Memorandum by Railtrack (WTC 80)

Memorandum by John Cutler Esq (WTC 81)

Memorandum by Martin Schweiger Esq (WTC 82)

Memorandum by CSS (WTC 83)

Memorandum by Roger Williams Esq (WTC 84)

Memorandum by Derek Turner Esq Director, Street Management, Transport for London (WTC 85)

Memorandum by the Institution of Civil Engineers (WTC 86)

Memorandum by the British Horse Society East of England (WTC 96)

Memorandum by Michael Coggles Esq (WTC 100)

Memorandum by The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) (WTC 102)

Memorandum by the Greater Manchester Pedestrians' Association (WTC 103)

Memorandum by HM Treasury (WTC 104)

Memorandum by the Social Exclusion Unit (WTC 105)

Memorandum by City of Westminster (WTC 106)

Memorandum by Mrs J Cuff (WTC 107)

Supplementary memorandum by FirstGroup (WTC 18A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Pedestrians Association (WTC 30A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Health Development Agency (WTC 34A)

Supplementary Note to Questions by Beverley Hughes MP Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State (WTC 40A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (WTC 40B)

Supplementary memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (WTC 75A)

Supplementary memorandum by Railtrack plc (WTC 80A)

Supplementary memorandum by Roger Williams Esq (WTC 84A)

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