Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Interpave (WTC 78)


  Interpave—the Precast Concrete Paving & Kerb Association—represents Britain's leading manufacturer of paver products. The association would like to submit this Memorandum for consideration by the Committee:

  In the Autumn of 1996, Interpave commissioned a national Mori poll entitled "Paving Research Amongst the General Public".

  The survey provides powerful insights into public attitudes towards the state of the nation's footways. It also highlights a resounding public preference for block-paved footways compared to any other form of paving.

    —  The majority of people (90 per cent) think that paving is an important part of their local environment.

    —  Over three quarters (77 per cent) said their local authority should be spending more on the upkeep and upgrading of footways.

    —  Over one third (38 per cent) of people perceive the condition of their local paving as poor.

    —  Two thirds (65 per cent) of people prefer block paving to any other form of paving, with tarmac emerging as the least preferred material.

    —  Over three quarters (77 per cent) say their local authority should choose block paving for public footways in future, even though its installed cost can be more than tarmac.

  Technical note: Mori interviewed a representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 16+ throughout Britain. Interviewing was conducted face-to-face between 16 September to 17 October 1996. The data were weighted to the known profile of the population.

Clive Budge

January 2001

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