Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  Hyde Park Corner—This scheme was introduced in October 1999 with new crossings installed to help pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. A new signal controlled crossing at Constitution Hill and changes to signals at Knightsbridge now provide a direct surface level link between Hyde Park and Green Park. Previously links between Hyde Park, Green Park, St James and Buckingham Palace were via a series of subways. The subways are still open but the surface level crossings make the crossings easier and more pleasant for pedestrians.

  Great Portland Street—Great Portland Street in central London is beside the A501 Inner Ring Road. Pedestrian access is across Euston Road and Gt. Portland Street, and this is relevant for the visually impaired visitors to the nearby Royal Institute for the Blind. Five new crossings have been installed to give pedestrians more convenient and safer routes to the station across Euston Road and Portland Street. Extending the footway at side road junctions has helped reduce pedestrian crossing distances and allows extra room for pedestrians.

  Islington High Street/Upper Street—Wider footways, shorter pedestrians crossings of Upper Street and realigned bus stops have led to a safer and more convenient layout for pedestrians. The number of people crossing the road at Upper Street has increased from 800 per hour to 2,500 per hour in the busiest period.

  Surface Crossing of Park Lane—Provision of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

  A100 Inner Ring Road at Tower Hill—Six new pedestrian crossings have been introduced recently or improved, at grade, by changing existing signal timings and phasing. Signalised crossings are also being implemented across all four arms of the junction of Mansell Street and Goodman's Yard.

  A406 Subway at North Middlesex Hospital—CCTV Cameras and TV monitors have been installed, and are computer linked to the North Middlesex Control Room. This has improved safety and pedestrian movement.

  Pedestrian facility along the A12 between Ley Street and Gants Hill Roundabout—the existing three uncontrolled pedestrian crossings have been replaced by one Toucan and two Pelican crossings.

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Prepared 29 June 2001