Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Note to Questions by Beverley Hughes MP Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State (WTC 40A)


  As you will know, I have received a proof copy of the record of my appearance before the Committee, with Lord Macdonald and officials, on Wednesday 14 March.

  On reading it I realised that I had inadvertently misled the Committee on one point. I am writing to apologise for that, and to set the record straight.

  In my answers to questions 562-566, I said that the Government had gone out to further consultation on one of the proposals in PPG13. That is not the case. It is certainly true that the Government has been considering the responses to the original consultation, but it has not gone out to further public consultation, nor does it plan to do so.

  I am hopeful that the revised PPG13 will be published in final form very shortly.[14]

Beverley Hughes

22 March 2001

14   The revised PPG13 was published on 27 March 2001. Back

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Prepared 29 June 2001