Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Sixth Report



01  Freightliner
02  RMT - National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers
03  Rail Passengers Council
04  Central Railway
05  Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd
06  Health & Safety Executive
07   Rail Freight Group
08  RITC Ltd - The National Training Organisation for the Rail Industry
09  EWS - English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd
10  Railway Development Society
11  The Railway Reform Group
12  Shadow Strategic Rail Authority
13  Railway Industry Association
14  Transport 2000
15  Local Government Joint Channel Tunnel Initiative Group - Shires PTCSIG
16  Passenger Transport Executive Group-PTE
17  Association of Train Operating Companies
18  South West Transport Network
19  Institute of Logistics and Transport
20  Railtrack Plc
20A  Supplementary memorandum
21  Office of the Rail Regulator
22  Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority & Executive
23  Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
24  Track Safety Strategy Group

02A  Supplementary memorandum by RMT
02B  Supplementary memorandum by RMT
07A   Supplementary memorandum by Rail Freight Group
09A  Supplementary memorandum by EWS
11A  Supplementary memorandum by the Railway Reform Group
12A  Supplementary memorandum by the shadow Strategic Rail Authority
12B  Supplementary memorandum by the shadow Strategic Rail Authority
16A  Supplementary memorandum by the PTE Group
16B  Supplementary memorandum by the PTE Group
16C  Supplementary memorandum by the PTE Group
17A  Supplementary memorandum by ATOC
17B  Supplementary memorandum by ATOC
18A  Supplementary memorandum by South West Transport Network
20B  Supplementary memorandum by Railtrack
20C  Supplementary memorandum by Railtrack
21A  Supplementary memorandum by the Rail Regulator
21B   Supplementary memorandum by the Rail Regulator
21C  Supplementary memorandum by the Rail Regulator
23A  Supplementary memorandum by the DETR
25  Stephen Plowden Esq
26  Angel Trains Ltd
27  Freight Transport Association
28  Planet Practice
29  Capital Transport Campaign
30  Merseytravel

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Prepared 29 March 2001