Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Notes to Questions (P 39A)

  Thank you for the transcript copy of the evidence submitted by Keith Clark and myself to the Transport Sub Committe.

    (i)  I would take this opportunity to add by way of a footnote to my evidence in response to Mr Bennett's question on the Pilotage Act 1987; page 29, Question 272 as follows:

    "In this respect a very serious omission from the Act concerns the exemption from Pilotage for Commanders of Trinity House Buoy Tenders. Prior to the 1987 Act all Commanders were exempt from Pilotage in English and Welsh Ports. This is essential as many of our Aids to Navigation lie within the Pilotage Areas of Ports and wrecks-which we are responsible for marking-are sometimes located within these limits. It is sometimes imperative for us to be able to reach buoys or other Aids to Navigation in an emergency, eg to attend or replace a buoy which has been accidentally damaged. In these circumstances it is, in our view, quite wrong and compromises safety, for Trinity House to be required to seek to obtain and pay for pilotage exemption certificates, or to have to reach the casualty by an alternative route outside the ports' pilotage jurisdiction. We would request that Trinity House Commanders' historic exemption from Pilotage is restored to enable us to attend and deal with such incidents effectively and efficiently in the interests of safety."

    (ii)  I would also wish to add by way of footnote to my evidence on page 29, Question 273 that:

    "In particular continuity and co-ordination between Ports, and especially Vessel Traffic Service centres, is sadly lacking and most essential to give the mariner a seamless communication and guidance service around our coasts. It is currently unco-ordinated and thoroughly disjointed. VTS on the continent is a very "joined-up" system and should be available here."

    (iii)  Finally the Chairman asked us to comment on the European Commission's proposed Directive on port services. We hope it is convenient for the Committee if we respond upon these proposals separately by way of written Memorandum. At this stage I would simply advise that the Directive concentrates exclusively upon Market Access to Port Services. Although port services include technical nautical services (including pilotage, towage and mooring) these are restricted to services offered within port limits and are therefore outside the jurisdiction of Trinity House. We will however comment upon the Commission's proposals as requested and intend to do so by way of written Memorandum by the end of this week. I hope this is acceptable to the Committee.

Captain Duncan Glass

26 March 2001

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Prepared 26 July 2001