Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 216 - 219)




  216. Good morning, gentlemen. I am sorry to have kept you waiting. We are very happy to have you with us this morning. Would you like to identify yourselves?
  (Dr Fletcher) Good morning, Chairman. I am Dave Fletcher. I am the Chairman of the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities.
  (Mr Holroyde) I am Geoffrey Holroyde, representing a very small navigation, the Upper Avon Navigation Trust, that is Evesham to Stratford.
  (Mr Burgess) I am Philip Burgess. I am employed by the Association as its Research & Administration Manager.

  217. Did you have any general remarks you wanted to make, Dr Fletcher, or anyone else?
  (Dr Fletcher) No, Chairman.

  218. Thank you. Then can I ask, does the existence of so many navigation authorities cause any practical problems?
  (Dr Fletcher) I do not think so, Chairman. It is probably the very reason for the existence of the Association; if there were no navigation authorities to represent I do not think we would exist. We represent 30 navigation authorities, so we think it is tremendous that they would believe an organisation like us can represent and give a singular voice and perhaps be able to respond to your queries on behalf of 30.

  219. I know that sounds very civilised, but, you know, the sort of division between half of it being British Waterways and half of it being a number of different authorities must present some problems, surely?
  (Dr Fletcher) I think it is incumbent on the Association to try to get a consensus of views, and we have done quite well to produce, just in our first few years of existence, a clear strategy for all the waterways together, and then to try to seek harmony and to share best practice.

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Prepared 5 April 2001