Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex to Memorandum


  1.  Current Fens Tourism "Core" Partners

    —  Fenland District Council;
    —  South Holland District Council;
    —  Boston Borough Council;
    —  East Cambridgeshire District Council;
    —  Borough Council King's Lynn and West Norfolk;
    —  Norfolk County Council;
    —  Cambridgeshire County Council; and
    —  Lincolnshire County Council (non-funding partner at present).

  2.  Additional Waterways Project Partners

    —  Environment Agency;
    —  Middle Level Commissioners;
    —  East of England Development Agency;
    —  East Midlands Development Agency;
    —  Government Office East Midlands (ERDF 5b);
    —  Government Office Eastern Region (ERDF 5b);
    —  Fox Boats;
    —  FRCA (non-funding partner); and
    —  East of England Tourist Board (non-funding partner).

  3.  Fens Waterways Tourism Regeneration Project—Current Programme of Works

    —  Moorings and Facilities Audit;
    —  pre-feasibility Study—Witham—Nene Link;
    —  pre-feasibility Study—Earith—Ramsey Link;
    —  Fens Waterways Interpretation Project;
    —  creation of Fens Waterways Trails (two medium distance walking routes);
    —  installation of Waterside Recreational Facilities;
    —  installation of Fishing Platforms (150);
    —  installation Fishermen's Car Parks (three);
    —  creation Fens Waterways Web site;
    —  signing of Waterways; and
    —  production of Fens Waterways Guide.

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Prepared 5 April 2001