Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Fifth Report


  I am writing regarding the Select Committee Inquiry into Sustainable Waste Management, in which I urge you to address an issue regarding Community Composting that has been outstanding for six years.

  Community Composting is the most sustainable means of managing organic waste and shows great potential in helping the UK achieve the targets of Waste Strategy 2000, the EU Landfill Directive and Agenda 21.

  However, the existing Exemption from Waste Management Licensing (1994) effectively makes my community project in Stockbrook, Derby illegal without possession of a full waste management licence which, as you will appreciate at a cost of around £1,000, is totally unrealistic for a small community project. Following the success of our small pilot project we very much want to repeat it on a larger scale in Normanton, Derby but the Exemption would make it unviable. This problem has, additionally, acted as a major disincentive to other projects starting up across the country.

  The Minister for the Environment made a written commitment in January 1999 to the Community Composting Network, of which I am a member, to review the exemption in Spring 1999; however, the consultation process has still not got underway. I ask you to urge the Minister to publish the consultation document with immediate effect.

Stuart Wallace

November 2000

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Prepared 19 March 2001