Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Fifth Report


  I am aware that there has been further correspondence between Malcolm Aickin and yourself concerning predominantly, the evidence given to the Select Committee by ENTRUST.

  I have to say I am somewhat concerned at the comments made by Dr Aickin with reference to ebco. I submitted evidence to the Committee as the standing Chairman of ebco and I stand by the fact that relations between ourselves and ENTRUST are constructive, professional and based on a mutual understanding of the needs of Environmental Bodies and the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme as a whole.

  Dr Aickin in his comments to Q868 made reference to the management and financing of ebco. I took over the role of Chairman of ebco in the complete knowledge that it needed to establish itself as a credible organisation, capable of delivering tangible results within finite and reasonable budgets. One of the first decisions I took was to maintain the level of expenditure to absorb the overspend from the previous year, to illustrate that the organisation could, and would, be managed properly.

  Over the last five months the presence of ebco has been enhanced considerably, operated within the budgets established for the financial year and ebco has now proved itself worthy of its role to represent Environmental Bodies. Far from unreasonably restricting funds for its operation, ENTRUST has been receptive to new initiatives which require additional funding and have been supportive of the professional stance now taken by ebco.

Adrian Gunner

February 2001

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Prepared 19 March 2001