Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Letter to Dr Malcolm Aickin from ENTRUST


  Further to our discussions and correspondence about the above, you give ENTRUST no alternative than to withdraw the offer for you to join the Improvement Panel.

  As you are well aware, members of the Panel are appointed to obtain views and gather opinions from interested parties and make recommendations to ENTRUST for improvements to the Scheme, its organisation and its administrative activities. This requires that we have mutual assurance in the maintenance of confidentiality and, unfortunately, this no longer seems to be possible. As I stated at the Select Committee, ENTRUST had valued your constructive comments and criticisms and felt that your involvement in the Panel would be useful. We are most disappointed that you have chosen to publicise your views, damaging ENTRUST's reputation and inflicting severe injury on the Credit Scheme and all of those participating in it.

  In view of your correspondence with the Select Committee and public utterances, both written and oral, some of which, I understand, are soon to be published officially by the Committee, ENTRUST can no longer rely on your advice or your ability to maintain a reasonable degree of confidentiality about our relationship. I also regret that you made what amounted to an ultimatum to ENTRUST to correct responses to Select Committee questions, or else. In fact, we tried to do so, unrelated to your threat, but the Committee Clerk felt he could not alter the transcript.

  This is not solely my decision, as the Board has resolved to withdraw the offer to you.

Dr Richard Sills
Chief Executive

27 February 2001

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Prepared 19 April 2001