Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Letter to Andrew F Bennett MP, Chairman of the Committee from the Chairman of ENTRUST


  I have seen the letter dated 12 March sent on behalf of the Sub-committee by your Clerk, Huw Yardley to Dr Richard Sills, Chief Executive of ENTRUST. This obviously causes me concern, particularly in respect of any perception that disrespect or contempt to the Committee or House was intended in correspondence between ENTRUST and Dr Aickin.

  I assure you that no such disrespect was contemplated or intended, either by the Board as a whole or by its Chief Executive. On behalf of the Board, I hope that you and the Committee will accept ENTRUST's sincere apologies for any such perception that may have been caused.

  The Board has undertaken to explore with Dr Aickin how his contribution could be utilised through the Improvement Panel to enhance understanding of the Credit Scheme among non-ebco members, and to assist ENTRUST's regulatory role in future.

  I trust that this response serves to reassure you and the Committee that ENTRUST intended neither molestation nor threats against Dr Aickin, nor to act in a manner contrary to the Witnesses (Public Inquiries) Protection Act 1892, clause 2. On behalf of the Board of ENTRUST, I repeat our sincere apologies if any action has caused you and the Committee to perceive that a contempt has been committed, and I assure you most strongly that nothing of this sort was intended.

  If your Committee requires ENTRUST to make an appearance on 21 March, I trust you will agree that I should attend with the Chief Executive.

The Earl of Cranbrook DSc DL

18 March 2001

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Prepared 19 April 2001