Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Examination of witnesses (Questions 80 - 83)



  80. Compared with three years ago, you think that you have managed to get your act together?
  (Dr Mance) Yes.

  81. How has it affected your finances?
  (Dr Mance) We have had a good response from the flood defence committees in funding all the changes that we have put in over the past three years. This event alone has probably cost us £4 million in running the operational emergency response. We are close to £12 million in emergency repairs that we have to undertake now, so that towns that used to have defences and no longer do, have them put back for the rest of the winter, otherwise we could have a pyrrhic victory in that we have kept towns dry this time but they become wet at Christmas or in January, which would be rather sad. We are seeking extra funding, therefore, for that straightaway.

  82. How far will someone looking the flood maps that will be on the Internet be able to tell whether they will have a foot or less of water or enough so that your example of the bungalows really would be disastrous?
  (Dr Mance) The version going live in December does not differentiate on depth. At this stage we have deliberately not shown whether there is a defence in place. We wanted people to ask questions and to find out. The first thing is to flag up whether somewhere is a risk area and then they can take an interest and seek further information. We have the information available for the follow-through. We are trying to keep the map interface simple at this stage.

  83. Someone who wants to inquire will be able to find out the likelihood of a flood being a foot or more in depth?
  (Dr Mance) Yes.

  Chairman: That is extremely helpful, Dr Mance. We are very grateful to you and your colleagues. Thank you very much for coming.

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Prepared 23 March 2001