Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


  The Original Study—Risk Assessment (1994)—identified banded flood risk areas by post-code against the EA's Sea Defence Survey (SDS).

  Update Study—Risk Assessment (1995)—reviewed output from earlier 1994 study against the EA's Sea Defence Survey update.

  Thames—Upstream of and Including the Barrier—Established reasonable levels of confidence that the Thames defences and the Barrier provided London and environs with adequate protection against flood events, either fresh water, fluvial or combined.

  Single Storm Event—established MPL for worst case flood scenarios and identified a combined East and South Coast event as the most extreme potentially.

  Critical Defences (or "Weak Links") Coastal/Estuarine Study—jointly sponsored by ABI and EA to identify defences requiring priority improvement or undefended areas needing attention.

  Inland Flood Risks—recently published MTRS report analysing main issues around inland flooding placing initial estimates on exposure and MPL's.

  "Tsunami"—insurance consortium sponsored research supported by ABI to assess implications of flood for policy/strategy for the insurance industry—not yet published.

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