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Note by the Clerk

The following press notice was issued on 7 November 2000


The Environment Sub-committee of the House of Commons Select Committee on the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs has resolved to undertake an inquiry into Cemeteries. It will wish to examine the following:

-  the environmental, historical and cultural significance of cemeteries for local communities;

-  the condition of existing cemeteries;

-  the roles and responsibilities of the DETR, and other Government Departments and agencies, in the management and protection of cemeteries and public policy on cemeteries and crematoria;

-   long-term planning for new cemeteries and burial space;

-   the management and provision of cemetery services;

-  the funding and economic viability of cemeteries, including funding from National Lottery distributing bodies;

-  other matters which may arise in the course of questioning.

Witnesses are requested to submit memoranda of up to eight A4 pages on computer disk in either ASCII or Word Perfect 8 with a single additional hard copy; witnesses without access to a computer are respectfully requested to take particular care that submissions are legible.

Memoranda should be submitted by Wednesday 13 December to Huw Yardley (Clerk), Environment Sub-committee, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA. Late submissions will only be accepted by prior agreement with the Committee. It is expected that oral evidence sessions will be held on the return of the House following the Christmas adjournment.

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3/1999-2000 7 November 2000

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