Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Memoranda

Memorandum by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council (CEM 128)


  Thank you for your letter dated 31 January 2001 regarding the Environment Sub-committee inquiry into the historical and educational value of cemeteries. I give the following information, which I trust will be helpful.

1.   Geological Walk

  I attach a newspaper article[40] from the Rochdale Observer dated 8 May 1996, which gives a full account of the importance of this unique feature. The current state of the walk is as described in the article. We are currently considering the inclusion of the walk in the Council's official "Blue Badge" conducted guides, which can be arranged through our tourist information office. We will continue to monitor the condition of the stones and take appropriate action for their preservation as necessary.

2.   Rochdale Co-operative Pioneers, Museum and Guided Walk

  I would also like to bring to your attention an existing "Blue Badge" walk within Rochdale Cemetery, with links to the Toad Lane Co-op Museum in Rochdale.

  Rochdale is the birthplace of the principles of co-operation and the world-wide Co-operative movement, originally founded by the Rochdale Co-operative Pioneers in 1844. Sixteen founder members of the Co-op movement, including the first shopkeeper, Samuel Ashworth, are buried in Rochdale Cemetery. The council operates a museum on the site of the original shop at Toad Lane, Rochdale. Visitors to the museum may also be conducted to the cemetery to inspect the graves and memorials of the original pioneers.

  The graves and memorials of the 16 original pioneers were restored in 1994 as part of the Co-op celebrations to mark their 150-year history. I attach a plan of the walk and a programme[41] from the Service of Remembrance held in April 1994.

Derek Mack


February 2001

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