Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Memoranda

Memorandum by Sheringham Town Council (CEM 13)

  This Council has maintained the Town Cemetery since re-organisation of Local Government back in 1974.

  The Parish Church in the centre of the town which was constructed between 1895/97 was originally a Church of Ease, burials taking place at the former Town Church in the now separate Parish of Upper Sheringham. Residents from one of the Towns electoral wards (current electorate 822) have retained certain rights of burial at the near by Beeston Parish Church.

  The Town Cemetery opened in 1922 covers an area of approximately four and a half acres. At present burial rates some 50 per year there is adequate space for the foreseeable future. It is funded through the Parish Precept, maintained by a local employee—who has other duties—with some of the costs being recovered through normal burial charges.

  One of the main concerns of Members is the application of a business rate to this facility; which currently stands at £773.33 with phasing relief of £349.87 on a rateable value of £2,700.00. It receives no services from any other authorities; water rates and the cost of refuse collection being met by the Town Precept. Members had been advised that no such charges are made for Church Graveyards and request the Sub-committee to address this anomaly.

  Members consider the Cemetery, which includes a memorial wall for the burial of ashes, to be a proper charge on the Town Precept and have been pleased to receive favourable comments from independent assessors for its general landscaping and maintenance.

December 2000

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Prepared 29 March 2001