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European Scrutiny - Tenth Report

Here you can browse the report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 28 March 2001.




Politically important: for debate

1. (22007) Assistance to Palestinian society

Legally and politically important: not cleared

2. (21893) (22221) Member States' obligation to transmit information on illegal immigration and facilitator networks

3.   (21951) Road haulage: Attestations for lorry drivers

4. (21970) Execution of orders freezing assets or evidence

Politically important: not cleared

5. (20388) (22213) (22214) (22215) (22216) (22217) Draft agreements between Europol and Interpol, Europol and the European Central Bank, and Europol and Norway

6. (22018) Application of Directive 93/109/EC to the June 1999 European Parliament elections

7. (22163) Statute and financing of European political parties

8. (22188) Regional statistics

Legally and politically important: cleared

9. (22064) (22238) Data protection in the field of judicial co-operation in criminal matters and police and customs co-operation

Politically important: cleared

10. (21562) Common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services

11.  (21977) (21978) (22059) Two Swedish initiatives in the field of drugs

12.  (22136) Creating a safer information society

13.  (22142) Assistance for traditional ACP suppliers of bananas

14.  (22159) Consolidating and extending the Lisbon strategy

15.  (22222) Contribution of public finances to growth and employment

16.  Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House


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Prepared 6 April 2001