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European Scrutiny - Thirteenth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 2 May 2001.


Terms of Reference


Politically important: for debate

1.    (22292) (22344) (22346) (22347) Commission Green Paper on the future of the Common Fisheries Policy

Legally and politically important: not cleared

2.   (21897) (21972) (22273) European Judicial Co-operation Unit (EUROJUST)

3.   (21938) Safety belts in vehicles under 3.5 tonnes

4.   (22227) Protection of the environment through criminal law

Politically important: not cleared

5.   (21749) Financial Regulation applicable to the General Budget

6.   (22207) Common organisation of the market in ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin

Legally and politically important: cleared

7.   (21473) Amending the 1976 Equal Treatment Directive

8.   (21951) Road haulage: Attestations for lorry drivers

Politically important: cleared

9.   (20968) Public access to EU documents

10. (21460) (22317) Use in stockfeeding of substances having a hormonal or thyrostatic action and beta-agonists

11.  (21812) Financial Management

12.  (22014) Internet top level domain .eu

13.  (22234) Accelerated action on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB

14.  (22236) European Research Area

15.  (22259) Action plan for improving financial management and procedures

16.  (22276) Euro-Mediterranean co-operation on transport and energy

17.  (22279) Integration of environmental protection requirements into the Common Fisheries Policy

The full text of all Reports from the Committee is available on the Internet at the House of Commons website:

18.  (22336) Assistance to Palestinian society

19. Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance

to warrant a substantive report to the House


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Prepared 14 May 2001