Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Extract from a memorandum submitted by the Government on export licence details from the 1999 Annual Report

  I am enclosing a memorandum containing the details of export licences from the 1999 Annual Report on Strategic Export Controls that you requested in your letter of 27 July.

  Details of some minor errors found in the Annual Report since publication are also enclosed. An Errata sheet containing this information will be placed in copies of the Report in the Libraries of the House.

  In the Confidential Annex to the Memorandum[1] the Government has exceptionally provided additional information about one licence application that features in both sections 1 and 3 of the Committees' request. It is necessary to provide this additional information in order to explain the connection between the original application refusal in 1998 (details of which were sent to you following publication of the 1998 Annual Report) and the subsequent successful appeal which led to the granting of the licence, details of which you also requested.

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Prepared 14 March 2001