Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Fourth Report



5 February 2001

HM Ambassador, Charles Crawford
Katerina Kovacevic (British Embassy, Belgrade)
Dušan Sokic (British Embassy, Belgrade)
Colonel John Crosland (MOD)
Andrew Lloyd (Head of British Office, Kosovo)
Andrew Bearpark (Deputy Special Representative, UNMIK EU pillar)
Julian Peel-Yates (OSCE Representative in Montenegro)
Representatives of British press

6 February 2001

Gradimir Nalic (lawyer) and Ranko Dinovic (Chairman of Association of Families of Missing Serbs in Kosovo)
Mojca Sivert (Humanitarian Law Centre, representing missing and imprisoned Kosovo Albanians)
Federal President Vojislav Kostunica
Minister of Justice, Mr Momcilo Grubac
Professor Dragoljub Micunovic (Chairman of the FRY Parliament Chamber of Citizens) and other parliamentarians
British Council
Yugoslav Army

Wednesday 7 February 2001

Mr Viodrag Vukovic (Montenegrin Democratic Party of Socialists)
Mr Vojin Lazarevic (Montenegrin People's Party)

Thursday 8 February 2001

Mr Vuk Draškovic (Leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement)
Mr Kosta Cavoški (Serbian Liberal Party)
Dr Zoran Stankovic (Military Medical Academy Pathologist)
Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Goran Svilanovic
Federal Prime Minister, Mr Zoran Zizic,
Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr Zoran Djindjic
Edward Llewellyn (Commissioner Patten's office)


Wednesday 7 February 2001

Mr Nenad Canak (Vojvodina Assembly Speaker)
Mr Bora Novakovic (Mayor of Novi Sad)
Mr Branislav Pomoriški (Chairman of Local Council Executive Board)


7 February 2001

Andrew Lloyd (Head of British Office, Kosovo)
Lesley Beaton (British Office, Kosovo)

8 February 2001

Major Paul Denning (45 Commando Group)
Mr Christopher Albiston (Police Commissioner)
Tom Koenigs (UNMIK Deputy Special Representative, Civil Administration)

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Prepared 27 March 2001