Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Serbian Information Centre

  We at the Serbian Information Centre are following closely the latest developments in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. We wish to state that in all this time the UN resolution 1224 has not been even partially implemented. For example:

  1.  The International border between Kosovo and Metohija has not been secured.

  2.  An effective judicial system has not been established.

  3.  The personal security of Serbian or any other minority national is not guaranteed. Their freedom of movement is almost non-existent. They live as house prisoners and can only travel under the protection of KFOR personnel.

  4.  The return of Serbian or any other national minority population who were forced out of Kosovo and Metohija has not been, even partially achieved.

  5.  The continuing education, healthcare and employment for the Serbian or any other national minority population is non-existent outside the enclaves of Gracanica, North Mitrovica etc.

  6.  Disarmament of the KLA has been partially completed if at all.

  7.  Armed Albanian terrorists are crossing from Kosovo and Metohija into the Presevo Valley buffer zone where they are committing acts of terrorism, ie killing police personnel, attacking villages, kidnapping citizens, putting up road blocks and creating more refugees among both the Serb and the Ethnic Albanians in that area.

  We suggest:

  1.  The Kumanovo agreement is revised as a matter of urgency.

  2.  KFOR should establish a new buffer zone of say 2.5 Kilometres inside the Serbian territory and 2.5 Kiolometres inside the Serbian territory of Kosovo and Metohija instead of the present 5 Kilometres within the territory of the republic of Serbia. The two zones within that new corridor should be controlled by KFOR on one side and by an adequately armed Serbian police force. No other armed group should be allowed within that corridor.

  3.  There shall be no negotiations with any terrorist group. There shall be no discussion with such group except that they shall be made aware that they are to immediately leave the area, that they immediately disarm and that all those responsible for crimes are treated as criminals and brought to justice.

  We have noted you intent to visit "the region" in February. If "the region" includes Bujanovac, Presevo and Vranje please let us know as we may have some contact names of people living there who are directly involved and affected by the present troubles there.

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Prepared 27 March 2001