Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Chairman from the Chief Minister of Gibraltar

  I note that you are following up the question of border delays with the FCO. I should explain that the only source of statistics on frontier delays are those which are compiled for, and published by, the Gibraltar Government. These are recorded by our immigration agents on the basis of an actual count at the border crossing points.

  I understand that the figures which were produced by the FCO were taken from calculations prepared by the Royal Gibraltar Police. These appear to draw on our immigration count but, as explained by the Chief Secretary in his letter of 1 September 2000, they do not accurately reflect the true average waiting time throughout the day in question. I have therefore asked my officials to formally appraise the FCO that the Gibraltar Government figures represent the correct, official statistics and that, in future, these should be used when imparting information about delays at the border.

10 January 2001

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Prepared 11 April 2001