Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the Winter Supplementary Estimate

  The Secretary of State announced to the House of Commons on 9 November that the Foreign and Commonwealth Expenditure Limit for 2000-01 will be increased by £96,723,000 from £1,113,610,000 to £1,210,333,000. (In the 1999-2000 Winter Supplementary the FCO Expenditure Limit was increased by £59,218,000 from £1,112,022,000 to £1,171,240.000). The running cost limit will be increased by £17,989,000 from £513,993,000 to £531,982,000. (For the 1999-2000 Winter Supplementary the FCO's running costs were reduced by £1,000,000 reflecting an off-setting saving offered up by the FCO against non-baseline peacekeeping costs.) The components of the net claim are shown below:


  (i)  The bulk of the FCO's expenditure on peacekeeping is met by claims to the DEL Reserve under the "Armstrong formula" arrangement with the Treasury. This year's claim was for additional provision of £73,935,000 (for the 1999-2000 Winter Supplementary there was an additional provision of £36,702,000) for UK contributions to United Nations Missions in the former Yugoslavia (includes UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) and the former Soviet Union, United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (Iraq), United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission, United Nations Mission for the Referendum on Western Sahara, United Nations Transitional Authority in East Timor, United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the European Community Monitoring Mission and Western European Union Police Mission in Albania.


  (ii)  Take up of end year flexibility of £16,264,000 for running costs and £4,799,000 for capital expenditure (for the 1999-2000 Winter Supplementary there was £8,516,000 take up of end year flexibility for assistance to Sierra Leone). This reflects the carry forward of unused provision from the previous financial year. These resources will be used to meet high priority FCO objectives and allow completion of capital expenditure projects.

  (iii)  The FCO made a successful bid of £1,725,000 against the Civil Service Modernisation Fund for improved training and selection arrangements in London.

  A full account of the use of FCO resources is of course provided in the Departmental Report.

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Prepared 10 May 2001