Select Committee on Home Affairs First Report


Coquelles: terminal at French end of Channel Tunnel

Facilitator: someone who arranges illegal entry into another country

Gare du Nord: railway station in Paris which is the departure point for trains going through the Channel Tunnel

JECU: Joint Entry Clearance Unit - a combined Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office operation to handle applications for permission to enter the United Kingdom

Juxtaposed controls: placing of UK border checks abroad alongside the border checks (and similar arrangements for the French authorities in the UK)

NCIS: National Criminal Intelligence Service

Refoulement: term in international refugee law for return of an individual to his country of origin

Sangatte: site of Red Cross centre near Calais where people seeking to enter the UK across the Straits of Dover are housed

Sangatte Protocol : 1992 agreement with France about siting UK controls at French end of Channel Tunnel[130]

Schengen: EU Convention governing free movement of people within most countries of the European Union except the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Statutory Gateways: legal rules governing what information can be passed between government bodies such as border agencies

Trafficker: person who smuggles illegal entrants into a country

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