Select Committee on Home Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 25


Numerous formal and informal arrangements already exist at ports to promote, where possible, sharing of accommodation and facilities between agencies, and opportunities to develop further sharing and joint Memoranda of Understanding are under regular review. Progress is monitored by an Action Plan agreed with Directors of the respective agencies.

  The Immigration Service and HMC&E share an Estates Commission, a framework agreement let by the Home Office Buildings and Estates Management Unit to Rogers Chapman plc, for professional advice on the specialised surveying issues that arise at air and sea ports. Regular joint meetings take place with operators to discuss matters arising which impact substantially on cost and effective space utilisation.

  An Immigration Service contract let in 1998 with Initial Cleaning Services for office cleaning at most air and sea ports is now shared by the UK Passport Agency and others within the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. A shared framework exists with the MOD and others in the Home Office for the provision of office equipment by Cannon. The Immigration Service is also involved in discussion with HMC&E on the possibility of a shared radio system in the future.

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