Select Committee on Home Affairs Second Report


Additional memoranda have been received from the following and have been reported to the House, but to save printing costs they have not been printed and copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library where they may be inspected by Members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords, and are available for public inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to the Record Office, House of Lords, London SW1 (tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Mr John Moore, Scout Leader, Sandhurst Scout Group
Mr Ted Weller, District Commissioner, Ruislip District Scout Council
Dr C M Dick, Assistant Scout Leader, Ballymena Scout Group
Mr Chris Ellinson, Scout Leader, Sydenham
Mr Kenneth Simpson, District Commissioner, Moray West Scouts
Mrs Sheila Chapman, Scout Leader
Mr Alan Bentham
Mr C M Hinchliff, District Treasurer, Linslade District Scout Council
Mr John M Houlding, District Chairman, Leigh-on-Sea District Scout Association
Mrs April Nicholas, District Commissioner, North West Cheshire Scout Association
Mr Malcolm Moore, Assistant District Commissioner, Lincoln District Scout Council
Mr Phil Clark, Scout Leader, 8th North Watford Scouts
Kathleen W Dickinson, District Secretary, and Mr Rod Lloyd, District Commissioner,   Bury District Scout Association
Mr Simon Hickling, Leader Training Manager, North Yorkshire County Scout Council
Mr Jon Rigby, Chairman, Cumbria Youth Alliance
Mr John Crispin, Scout Leader, 3rd Boxmoor Scout Troop
Mr John Brooke, County Chairman, Greater London Middlesex West County Scout   Council
Mr H E Harrison, Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 11th Northampton Company
Dr Alan J Crowe, Captain, 1st Yiewsley Boys' Brigade Company
Mr Bob Smith, Chairman, 14th Keighly (Haworth) Scout Group
Mr Andrew Rawnsley, Company Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 13th Halifax Company
Mr Cameron Clark, Correspondence Secretary, 1st Ash Green Boys' Brigade Company
Ann McClean, District Commissioner, Heywood Scouts-Greater Manchester North
Mrs Jeanette Young, District Commissioner, Keighley District Scout Council
Mr Eric Finestone, Deputy Director, MAKOR-AJY
Ann Allen, Group Scout Leader, 1st Great Berry Scout Group
Mr Barry Stewart, Social Responsibility Adviser, Newcastle Diocese
Mr Clive Notley, District Commissioner, East Essex District Scout Council
Mr Peter North, District Commissioner, Prestwich & Whitefield Scouts
Mr Dick Byford, Group Scout Leader, 1st Wendover Scout Group
Sir Richard Hanbury Tenison KCVO
The Cumbria Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
Mr Paul Truscott, District Commissioner, Woking Scouts
Tracy M Burgess, Public Relations Officer, South Tyneside
The Reverend R Swindell, Church of England Wakefield Diocese
Mr Lionel E Taylor, Group Scout Leader, 45th Ormskirk Scout Group
Kath Rowley, Assistant District Commissioner, Staffordshire Moorlands
Mr Chris Carney, Company Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 53rd Manchester Company
Valerie Holland, District Commissioner, Blackpool District Scouts
Mr Nigel Rushworth, Scout Leader, ROBOT Scout Troop
Mr David Bird, Assistant Group Scout Leader, 2nd Kirkham (St Michael's) Scout Group
Mr Peter Evans, Secretary, Appointments Sub Committee, Epping & Ongar District   Scout Council
Mr Tony Hankin, Group Scout Leader, 3rd Hitchin Scout Group
Mr Guy Lester, Scout Leader, 1st Walthamstow, London
Mr Philip Rowley, Cub Scout Leader
Mr John N Green, Secretary, Leader Appointment Committee, Sheffield Rivelin   District Scouts
Mr Richard Hirons, Assistant Venture Scout Leader, 2nd Hemel Hempstead
Mr Reg Stafford, Assistant Commissioner Cub Scouts, Norwich South District Cub   Scouts
Dr E R H Walker, Scout Leader, 1st Lindow Scout Troop, Cheshire
Hazel Kirby, Manager, Northallerton & District Voluntary Service Association
Mr Stephen Oldham, Captain, 1st Hyde Company, The Boys' Brigade
Mr Terry Peel, Chairman, District Appointments Board, Ampthill & Woburn District   Scouts
Mr John Slader, Area Commissioner, Mid Glamorgan Area Scout Council
Mr Bryan Clee, Secretary, Greater Manchester Scouts
Mr Peter Dodman, Group Scout Leader,1st Lickey Scout Group Bromsgrove District
Mr Dan Collis, District Commissioner, Braintree District Scouts
The Reverend Mark Turner, Chase Cross Baptist Church, Romford
Pam Worsfold, Chief Officer, Hart Voluntary Action
Hazel Crompton, Chief Executive, GFS Platform for Young Women
Barbara Pritchard, District Commissioner, Bolton East and North District Scouts
Jane Fisher, Director for Social Responsibility for the Diocese of Winchester
The Methodist Church
Captain Mr Nigel Smith, The Boys' Brigade, 17th Halifax Company,
Captain Mr Trevor Jenkins, The Boys' Brigade, 5 th Halifax (Elland) Company
Mrs Lesley Wright, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, Halifax Battalion
Captain Miss Janet Mason, The Boys' Brigade, 4th Halifax Company
Mr Ian Watts, Secretary to the Radcliffe District Scout Association
County Scout Council of Greater London - South East
Middleton District Scout Association
Mr Steve Humphrey, Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 3rd Bromley Company
Mr Paul Taylor
Mr R A Whiteley, Group Scout Leader, 7th Sale Scout Group
Mr Bernard Pendlebury, County Commissioner, West Lancashire County Scout Council
Mr William Clemmey, Executive Director, Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs
Mr Roger Sands, County Commissioner, Hertfordshire County Scout Council
Mr and Mrs J Parker, Young People's Co-Ordinators, Romsey Baptist Church
Mr Ray Hardman, Group Scout Leader, 1st Goosnargh Scout Group
Mr Nigel Snape, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, South West Hampshire   Battalion
Liz Simmons, Group Scout Leader, 14th Meadway St. Simon Stock Scout Group
The Reverend Will Thompson, on behalf of Yeovil Baptist Church, 1st Yeovil   Company, The Boys' Brigade and 1st Yeovil Company, The Girls' Brigade
Mr R F Camp, District Secretary, Taunton Deane Scout Council
Mr H E Turner, Group Treasurer, 1st Lutterworth South Group
Mr Alan Valentine, Manager in Charge of the 99th Leicester Scout Group
Mr C M Tunnicliffe, Group Scout Leader, 11th Middleton Scout Group
Councillor Kiron Reid, Liverpool City Council
Mr Paul Settle, Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training), Ashford (Kent)   District Scouts
Captain Mrs B Laight, The Boys' Brigade, 1st Newton Aycliffe Company
M W Robins, Treasurer, 1st Moreton-in-Marsh Scout Group
Medway District Scout Council
Mr Paul J Stennett, Chairman, Essex County Scout Council
Mr Steve Mollart, Group Scout Leader, 1st Highworth Scout Group
Mr Colin Groves, National Director, National Association of Clubs for Young People
RAISE (Regional Action and Involvement South East)
Mr Tom McInulty, Children's Leisure Activities Organiser
Janet Manktelow, District Commissioner for Guildford East
Mr David E Sewell, District Chairman, Hinckley & District Scout Executive
Helen Cameron, Secretary, The Salvation Army, Oxford
Mrs Yvonne Brown, Chief Commissioner-Wales, Guides Cymru
Carol Buckeridge, Child Protection Officer and Mark Pilgrim, Children's and Youth   Officer, The Diocese of Bristol, Church of England
Mr Ken Groom, County Secretary, Oxfordshire County Scout Council
Sheila Perkins, Assistant Group Scout Leader, Hutton (All Saints) Scout Group
Mr B A Crowe, Captain, 6th Ipswich Boys' Brigade
Mr Alan Scholes, Battalion President, Oldham & District Battalion, The Boys' Brigade
Mr Paul Baker, Scout Leader-Gloucester
The Church in Wales
Mr Alan Peare, Assistant Treasurer, on behalf of the Executive Committee of 1st   Highworth Scout Group
Mr Roger Morgan, Secretary to the Parochial Church Council of Christ Church, Epsom   Common
Mr John Walsh, Acting Director, Surrey Council for Voluntary Youth Services
Mr J D Evans, Chaplain, 1st South Woodham Boys' Brigade Company
The Reverend David Allen, Greater Manchester North Scout County
Captain Mike Smith, 1st Farnham Boys' Brigade, Guildford, Surrey
Caroline Davison, Scouter 99th Leicester Beaver Scouts
Mr Robert J Cooper, Captain of 1st Stanmore, South Oxhey, Herts
Mr Dan O'Connell, Chairman, Executive Committee, 1st Highworth Scout Group
R D Stephens, County Commissioner, Humberside Scouts
Mrs Jean Skilling, Group Treasurer, 6th Medway Scout Group, Kent
Sue Pickavance, Head of Volunteering, Wales Council for Voluntary Action
Mrs Linda Arkley, Conservative Councillor-Tynemouth Ward
Mr Alexander Lindsay
Mr Peter Brady, Boys' Brigade Captain, 7th Altrincham Boys' Brigade
C S Jones, Group Scout Leader, 28th Medway Scout Group, for and on behalf of the   Trustees
Mr Ian A McWilliam, District Commissioner, Scout Association, Leven District, North   Yorks
Sharon Osburn, Youth Work Administrator, UK Youth, London
Lowri Angharad Jones, Chief Executive, Wales Young Farmers' Clubs
Susanne Rauprich, Chief Executive, The National Council for Voluntary Youth   Services
A J D Cooke, on behalf of the Companies within the jurisdiction of the East Kent   Battalion of the Boys' Brigade
Mr John L'Estrange, District Secretary, on behalf of the District Executive Committee   of the Billericay and Wickford District Scout Council
Mrs Margaret M H McDowall, Group Scout Leader,13th Medway (St Michael's) Scout   Group
Mr Don McLaren, Executive Officer, Buckinghamshire Council for Voluntary Youth   Services
Councillor Peter Arnold, Leader of Opposition, South Gosforth Ward
Dr Elwyn C Davies, Area Secretary, Glamorgan West Area Scout Council
Mr K McNamara, Hull and East Yorkshire Battalion Boys' Brigade
Mr Peter Rice, General Manager, Buckinghamshire Association of Youth Clubs
Jane Taylor, District Commissioner on behalf of the Maidenhead and District Scout   Council
Sylvia Scarf, County Commissioner-Glamorgan, Guide Association
Mr Craig M Thoirs, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, South East Essex Battalion
Mr Paul Yallop, Group Scout Leader, Brooke and Poringland Scout Troop
Youth and Children's Policy Group, Diocese of Southwark
Mr Eric J Parker, Assistant Group Scout Leader, 3rd Shipley (St Peter's Church) Scout   Group
Annmarie Turnbull, Director Policy and Development, National Centre for   Volunteering
Hereward Harrison, Director, Policy Research and Development, Childline
Erica De'Ath OBE, Chief Executive, National Council of Voluntary Child Care   Organisations
Lancashire Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
The Boys' Brigade in Wales
Mr P J Lovat, District Chairman, Caterham District Scouts
Mr Wayne David, Voluntary Sector Officer, on behalf of the Council for Wales of   Voluntary Youth Services
Mr Roger Singleton CBE, Chief Executive, Barnardo's
Rugby Football Union
Mr David Hodson, County Commissioner Operations, St John's Ambulance
Councillor Howard Briggs, Deputy Mayor of Southend-on-Sea
All Party Group on Charities and the Voluntary Sector
Paula Mannion, Child Protection Co-ordinator for All Saints Church, Stand, Whitefield
Charles Frank Woodhams, Treasurer and Trustee, 2nd Urmston Scout Group, Greater   Manchester West Scout County
Mrs Anne Elliott, Chadderton District Commissioner, Greater Manchester North Scouts
Mr Christopher R Bracey, South & West Wales Battalion, The Boys' Brigade in Wales
G E Voizey, Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 1st Yeovil Company
Merthyr Tydfil District Scout Council
Gillian Hollingbery, Captain, Boys' Brigade Company
Mr C Dibble
A A Burley, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade Luton and District Battalion
Mrs Frances Davies
K Entwistle, Acting Group Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader & District Cub Scout   Leader
Jennifer Lee, County Secretary, Greater Manchester North Scout County
Mr John Stubbs, Chairman, Bedfordshire & Luton Council for Voluntary Youth   Services
Mr David Tudor Bell, District Commissioner, Scout Association for the District of   Dwyfor
Mrs Janet Scott, County Commissioner, Kent East Guide Association
Mr Alasdair T Glen, Church Secretary, the Church Meeting of Macclesfield United   Reformed Church
Deirdre Offord, Child Protection Co-ordinator, Child Protection in the Diocese of   Southwell
Earlsdon Scout District Executive
Mr Alex Ballard, Cub Scout Leader, 1st Congresbury Scout Group; Worker in Charge,   Congresbury Youth Club
The Boys' Brigade-Coventry & Warwickshire Battalion
Mr Richard Davey, Chairman, Cardiff & the Vale Glamorgan Area Scout Council
Mr Clifford Riley and Sam Goodman, Officers in the 2nd Derby Company of the Boys'   Brigade
Mrs Margaret Chappell, President, Avon Battalion Boys' Brigade
Mr Peter Ashby, Treasurer, Lockerley Boys' Football
Anne Dunford OBE, Suffolk Council for Voluntary Youth Services Development   Officer
Mr Michael Leadbetter
Mr John Baxter-Brown, Diocesan Youth Officer, Salisbury Diocese
Fr Tony Leonard, Chair, Professional Association of Catholic Youth Officers
Mr Alan Read, The Prince's Trust
Mr Keith M Dunn, Executive Director, St John Ambulance Brigade in Wales
Mr Kevin Woods, Executive Director, Amethyst
Miss Sylvia Scarf, Chair of the Panel of Bishops' Representatives for Child Protection
Ms Janet Gee, Chief Executive, National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
The Reverend Richard McKay, Diocesan Child Protection Officer, on behalf of the   Roman Catholic Diocese of Clifton's Child Protection Team
D T Hodgson, President, Caterham District Scout Council
Marion Lowe, Centre Manager, Churches in Reading Women's Centre
Ms E Jones, Manager, Witness Service
Mrs Barbara Grayson, County Commissioner, The Guide Association, Hampshire East
Mr David J Hancock, Duke of Edinburgh Award Bedfordshire and Luton Association
Sheila Ogden, Youth Services Manager, Bracknell Forest Borough Council
Major Darrell Thomas, The Salvation Army, Worthington Corps
The Boys' Brigade in the North West
West Sussex Council Voluntary Youth Services
Mr Dave Reynolds, District Secretary, Erith and Crayford District Scout Council
The Lord Laming CBE DL
Mrs Molly Endsor, Appointments Secretary, County of Birmingham Scout Association,   East District
Mr Rod Badaus, Administrator, the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
Mr Dill Williams, County Organiser, Pembrokeshire Young Farmers' Club
Mr Peter Facey, Chief Executive, British Youth Council
Margaret Wall, Administrator, Wycliffe Baptist Church
Mrs Laraine D Cook, Office Administrator, on behalf of Carey Baptist Church
Mr Peter F Boyle, County Director, BABC-Clubs for Young People
Mr D Earl, Borough Secretary, Blyth Valley, Northumberland
Councillor Michael Davey, Leader, Northumberland County Council
Mr Richard Bunker, Director for Education and the Arts, West Sussex County Council
Diana Fentiman, Young Carers
Mr Alexander Lindsay
Sheila Thompsett, Pre-school Secretary, Caversham Heights Pre-school
Frances Hill, Human Resources Manager, The Ways and Means Trust Limited
Mrs Jen Tillcock, Manager & Therapeutic Play Specialist, Dingley Family &   Playtherapy Group
Mr Tony Graton, Chief Executive, Bedford YMCA
Mrs S J Richards, Director, Oxford Youth Works
Captain Mrs A Morton, 1st Horsford Company and Captain Mr B Morton, 4th Norwich   Company, The Boys' Brigade
Mr J J Harding, Co-Elder, Boys'/Girls' Brigade, Wrose Hill Chapel, West Yorkshire
Mr D Irish, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, Cambridgeshire Battalion
Mr G Smale, 1st Rishton Company, The Boys' Brigade
Mr David Devaney, The Boys' Brigade, Leeds Battalion
Mrs Janet Etheridge, Gloucester Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade,   Gloucestershire Battalion
Mrs R K Simmonds, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, Bromley Battalion
Mr S Lunn, Company Captain, The Boys' Brigade, The 24th Hull Company
Mr K T Hind, Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 2nd Rainhill Company, Merseyside
Sheena Dunnington, Battalion Secretary, The Boys' Brigade, Yorkshire County   Battalion
Mr T A Burgess, Captain, 22nd Birmingham Boys' Brigade Company
Mr Allen Hambly, Company Captain, The Boys' Brigade, 22nd Cardiff Company
Mr K Prosser, Secretary, 34th North Staffordshire Boys' Brigade
Mr M Daulman, Captain, 1st Rugby Boys' Brigade
Ann Whitehouse, Lieutenant, 7th North West Kent Boys' Brigade
Ann Brook and John Brook
Mr Richard J Britton
Mr John Irons, Secretary, The Boys' Brigade Nottingham
The Reverend Michael R Jackson, Park United Reform Church
Miss S L Eason, South Northants Battalion Secretary & Anchor Boy Officer, 1st   Harpole Company
The Reverend Dr Keith R Albans, Superintendent Minister, The Methodist Church,   Sheffield Circuit
Mr Tony McWalter MP
Mr David Mash, County Councillor, Morpeth North Ward, Northumberland County   Council
Jean Roberts-Jones, Chief Officer, Test Valley Community Services
Breyan Knowles, Secretary, South East Youth Partnership
Sara Aubrey-Fletcher, President, Buckinghamshire Council for Voluntary Youth   Services
Lynda Chalcraft, Co-ordinator, BYHP
Councillor Bill Schardt, Blakelaw Ward, Newcastle City Council
Mrs Colette Selwood, Development worker, Oxfordshire Council for Voluntary Youth   Services
Councillor Brian Douglas, Berwick North Ward, Northumberland County Council
Sandra Dodds, District Commissioner, Bromley District Scout Council
Councillor Diane Packham, Newcastle City Council
Pat Bird, Chair, Hexham Community Association
May Smith, Vice-Chairman, Reading Family Aid Group
Mr A Watson, Chairman, Bracknell Voluntary Youth Organisation Forum
Sonia Farnaby, Sutton Coldfield West District Scout Council
The Reverend Andrew Pattman, Children's Work Adviser and Mr David R Green,   Youth Officer, St Albans Diocesan Youth Service
Mr David John, District Commissioner-Rhondda Scouts
Mr Ian Chappell, District Commissioner, Shire Oak (Leeds) South District
Mrs Lilian Davies, District/Appointments Secretary, Prestwich and Whitefield Scouts
The Welsh Scout Council
Mr Christopher Marchant, Assistant Scout Leader & Leaders' Chairman, 1st Great   Sutton Scout Group
Janet Manktelow, District Commissioner, Guildford East District Scout Council
Mrs Elizabeth Farr, Assistant District Commissioner, King Alfred District Scout   Council
Mr Mike Riddle, District Commissioner, Oldham District Scout Council
R Stafford, Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts, Norwich South District Cub   Scouts
Mr Spader, Area Commissioner, Mid Glamorgan Area Scout Council
Jill Gloster, Area Commissioner for Scouts, Snowdonia and Anglesey
Christine Foster, Honorary Scouter, 22nd Rotherham Scout Group
Mr Alan Fish
Pauline Bowen, Leader, 15th Sutton Coldfield Quest Venture Scout Unit
Mr Martin Wesley, District Commissioner, Luton Scouts, Icknield District Scout   Council
Mr Alan Maldwyn Davies, Assistant District Commissioner, Adult Training for   Prestwich and Whitefield Scouts
Mrs J A Goodchild, County Secretary, Bedfordshire County Scout Council
Mr John R Davis, Cub Scout Leader, 1st Shrewton (St Marys) Group, Salisbury
Mr Dafydd Spier, Assistant Scout Leader, Alwoodley & St Stephen's Scouts
Mr R Corrigan, Beaver Scout Leader, 8th Grimsby Beaver Scout Colony
Mr J C Hunt, PRO Kent County, Scout Council
Mr J A Cooper, District President, South Leicestershire Scouts
Mr Tony Guy, County Chairman, Warwickshire Scout Council
Mr S G Small, Group Scout Leader, 5th Medway Scout Group
Eileen Colledge, District Secretary, Rugby District Scout Council
Mr Barrie Taylor, District Commissioner, Axe District Scouts
Mr David Smith and Mrs Margaret Smith
Pre-school Learning Alliance
Mr Paul Cavadino, Director of Policy, Race and Resettlement, NACRO
Snowdonia and Anglesey Area Scout Council

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