Select Committee on Home Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary note by the Home Office


  I am writing at the request of the Minister, Charles Clarke, to let the Committee know that he has today made an announcement regarding fees for registration with the CRB.

  You will recall that an applicant for one of the two highest levels of Disclosure—Standard or Enhanced—must be countersigned by a person registered with the Bureau for that purpose. This will often be the employer (or a voluntary organisation).

  The Minister has announced that it is planned to make a one-off charge of £300 for registration, plus a fee of £5 per individual countersignatory nominated by the registered person thereafter. Regulations will be laid accordingly. I attach a copy of the text for information[20].

  It remains the case that no announcement has yet been made as regards the fee for the disclosures themselves.

R A Wright

Criminal Records Section

15 February 2001

20   Not printed. See Official Report, 15 February 2001, col 238W. Back

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Prepared 28 March 2001