Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by County Durham and Darlington Health Authority (PH 80)

  The evidence includes:

—  definitions of health
—  determinants of health
—  improving health and reducing inequalities and exclusion—organisational roles
—  role of PCGs/PCTs
—  role of Directors of Public Health
—  inequalities—present public health policy role of Health Authorities


  1.  Addressing public health issues, especially the underlying causes of inequality and deprivation, is complex and often slow. It is important to be realistic about what can be achieved.

  2.  Reductions in poverty and unemployment would have a profound impact on the health of our people.

  3.  Real joint working between health authorities and local government is vital. Many Directors of Public Health would welcome joint responsibility to health and local authorities.

  4.  Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Trusts have a vital role to play in addressing these challenges. Health promotion services should be placed within PCGs/PCTs.

1st December 2000

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Prepared 26 January 2001