Select Committee on Health Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


  Professor Alastair Campbell (Chair), Non Executive Director, Avon Health Authority.

  David Evans, Public Health Development Manager, Avon Health Authority.

  Deborah Evans, Director—Bristol Directorate, Avon Health Authority.

  Pete Fryer, Manager—Sustainable Development Group, Bristol City Council.

  Hazel Millar, Service Manager, Health Promotion Service Avon.

  Dr Kieran Morgan, Director of Public Health, Avon Health Authority.

  Sue Posstlethwaite, Health Visitor, CPHVA Representative.

  Dr Bob Slade, Medical Director, North Bristol NHS Trust.

  Jose Tarnowski, Chief Officer, Woodspring PCG.

  Dr Phil Yates, Chair, South East Gloucestershire PCG.

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Prepared 28 March 2001