Select Committee on Health Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Appendix I

FunctionWork Activity OutcomePossible Impact on Health
1.Building Regulation Enforcement Inspection of new, extended and altered buildings. Improved standards of health and safety in buildings. Fewer cases of ill health and accidents in buildings.
2.Dangerous Structure Enforcement Inspection of dangerous structures.Making dangerous structures safe. Reduce the incidence of people being injured or killed by such structures.
3.Places of Public Entertainment Inspection of premises to ensure they are safe in terms of fire safety and structural condition. Improved safety for the public when using these premises. Reduce the incidence of serious fire or collapse of bulidings/structures affecting the public.
4.Civic Maintenance Carry out routine maintenance and repair of plant and equipment. All systems and equipment are maintained at optimum levels. Reduce number of failure of essential plant and equipment ensuring a safe and healthy environment for staff and public.
5.Disabled AccessReview and take action where appropriate to the Council's public buildings to ensure the special needs of disabled people are met. Improved safety for disabled people when using these premises. Improved access and reduction in physical hazards to minimise the number of accidents.
6.Community Safety Strategy and Action Plan Various projects to reduce crime and disorder and to investigate reasons behind such issues. Reduced crime and disorder.
Improved quality of life.
Improved mental health.
Reduction of stress.
Reduction of alcohol and substance misuse.
(Local Agenda 21)
Strategy and Action Plan
Promotional work to increase understanding in the community about environmental issues. Greater understanding of the ways in which lifestyles can affect health and institgation of direct action by groups and individuals to act in an environmentally friendly fashion. Long term improvement in health, especially for younger people.
8.Safer Street Initiative Trafic calming and street lighting projects. Safer traffic flow.
Improved lighting for pedestrians.
Reduction of accidents.
Improved feeling of security.
9.Highways Partnership Agreement Maintenance of highway.Safe and usable highways. Fewer accidents.
10.Food Safety Enforcement Inspection of all food premises in the borough. Improved standard of food hygiene and food safety. Fewer cases of food poisoning.
Advice to food businesses and individuals. Improved standard food hygiene in food businesses and homes. Fewer cases of food poisoning.
11.Health and Safety Enforcement Inspection of workplaces investigation of notified workplace accidents. Improved standards of safety.Fewer workplace accidents.
Fewer incidences of occupational ill health.
12.Infectious Disease Investigation Investigation of food poisoning and gastro-intestinal infection, including advice to cases and contacts. Tracing sources of disease and limiting spread. Fewer cases of infectious disease.
13.Health Education Presentation of regular courses in food safety and health and safety and involvement in other ad hoc training initiatives, such as Safety in Action. Improved levels of knowledge within the target groups.
Improved communication/liaison between the dept and business/individuals.
Dependant on course type eg, fewer cases of food poisoning fewer workplace accidents/illnesses.
14.Registration of Skin Piercers Registration and regular inspection of skin piercing activities. Improved hygiene of skin piercing activities. Fewer cases of Hepatitis B and other blood borne infections.
15.Co-ordination of the Health Regeneration Team Research and co-ordination of community based projects on public health issues. Raised awareness of health issues. Assistance to individuals/communities to alter lifestyles and access services.
Possible provision of new services.
Improved mental and physical health.
16.Insect and Rodent Control Provision of a service for the eradication and control of insects and rodents. Prevention and cure of infestations of insects and rodents both in residential and business premises. Improvement in quality of life/health.
Prevention of spread of infection.
Improved physiological health.
17.Animal ControlProvision of a service to deal with nuisance from animals and associated public health issues. Improved control over nuisance from animals.
Less incidents of dog fouling.
Improved physiological health.
Reducation in incidents of animal related spread of infection.
Reduction in physical accidents/road accidents/animal attacks on people etc.
18.Air Quality Management Monitoring of air polution and managing the quality of air in the borough. Improved air quality and public awareness. Reduction in respiratory disease.
Improved quality of life/life expectancy.
Improved fitness levels in community.
Improved physiological health.
19.Environmental Protection/Noise Provision of a service to deal with complaints and generally abate environmental nuisance. Reduction in environmental nuisance and condition which may be prejudicial to health. Improve health of the community.
Improved quality of life/life expectancy.
20.Environmental Monitoring Provision of monitoring for radiation/landfill gas/toxic substances etc. Provision of data enabling assessment of environmental factors that may be directly hazardous to health.
Ability to advise of hazardous situations.
Reduced ill-health arising from environmental factors. Reducation in physical accidents.
Improved quality of life/life expectancy.
Improved physiological health.
21.DrainageDealing with problems relating to defective and inadequate foul drainage. Safe and effective drainage of premises in the borough. Reduction in number of gastro-enteritis and other related diseases.
Improved quality of life/life expectancy.
Improved control of rodent pests and public health
(see 1 above).
22.Debt Counselling Counselling to people to help them realise scope of debt and assist them to meet their commitments in a structured and orderly manner. Better finance management.
Easing of poverty.
Less stress.
Improved physical and mental wellbeing.
23.Council tax and Housing Benefit Advice Assistance with understanding and completion claim forms. Receipt of proper due benefits.
Easing of poverty.
Less stress, improved physical and mental wellbeing.
24.Refuse Collection Collection all refuse from domestic purposes. Cleaner environment removal of potential noxious material.
Removal of harbourage for pests.
Less infectious disease.
25.Street Cleansing Thorough cleaning all roads and streets of borough. Cleaner environment removal of potential noxious material.
Removal of harbourage for pests.
Less infectious disease.
26.Waste Management Provision of comprehensive recycling schemes and composting schemes. Less raw materials used in production goods—less pollution. Benefit to physical and mental health (wellbeing).
27.Private Housing Enforcement Inspection of private rented accommodation including houses in multiple occupation in the borough. Improved condition of property—fitness and repair. Fewer incidences of poor health as a result of poor housing.
HMO registration scheme. Improved level of repair and amenity including fire safety in high risk premises. Lower incidences of accidents/death as a result of fire.
Renovation Grant administration. Upgrade property/facilities for those with disabilities/elderly persons. Lower cost in the long term of repairing property and worry to high risk groups/lower instance of illness associated with building repair.
Care and Repair scheme administration. Targeting of advice and information on building repair to high risk groups. Lower cost in the long term of repairing property and worry to high risk groups/lower instance of illness associated with poor building repair.
28.Dartford and Gravesham Health Initiative Offer advice to those in hospital an repairs to housing in order that they may return more quickly. Prevents bed blocking.Patients able to return home sooner, faster recovery than in hospital.
29.Home Energy Conservation Advice to private owners and council tenants. Improved standard of energy conservation in domestic premises. Lower incidents of fuel poverty and incidents of respiratory diseases associated with poor heating.
30.Provision of Housing Providing accommodation to meet identified housing need. Decent standard of accommodation.Good quality housing reduces likelihood of illness or poor health.
31.Management of Council Housing Stock Reactive and proactive inspection of council dwellings [includes Capital Programme]. Improved standards of repair and amenity [includes Capital Programme]. Fewer cases of illness associated with poor repair and fewer incidences of home accident.
32.Tenancy Relations and Housing Advice Advise those suffering nuisance/neighbour problems/housing problems. Improved knowledge of where to obtain information about housing and dealing with nuisance. Reduction in incidences of stress caused by neighbour disputes and a greater feeling of empowerment that knowledge can bring.
33.Arts, Entertainment and Heritage Woodville Halls, outdoor events, cultural facilities (eg Guide Theatre, Chantry Heritage Centre, St Andrew's Arts Centre, New Tavern Fort, etc). Career development in arts and entertainment.
Encouragement of residents to perform or create in their chosen fields. Enhancement and maintenance of social cohesion in the community.
Better quality of life.
34.Parks and Open Spaces Parks (eg: Riverside Leisure Area, Windmill, Wombwell, Woodlands, Camer, Waterton, including trees, plants, and other features). Recreation grounds (eg Kings Farm, Springhead, Cascades, Istead Rise, Culverstone, including sports pitches and other features). Open spaces. Playgrounds and play equipment. Allotments. Cemeteries. Opportunitities for people of all ages and abilities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in leisure activities whatever their gender age, ethnic origins or social economic status.
Production of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Biophilia effect and better quality of life.
Trees for shade and UVA/UVB protection with reduction of skin cancer.
Improved standard of health/fitness and social activity and better quality of life, opportunities to overcome the mental and physical difficulties of bereavement.
35.Sport and Recreation Outdoor sports (eg: football, cricket, bowls, tennis, fishing, etc). Outdoor recreation (eg walking, cycling, horse riding, etc). Holiday activities (eg: Play-in-the-Park, coaching courses etc). Sports development (eg Champion Coaching), Sports Council Projects, (eg active sports etc) KCC Sports Development Unit Activities. Improved standard of health/fitness and social activity and encouragement to school leavers to join clubs, etc. Better quality of life.
36.Leisure CentresIndoor sports (eg: Squash, badminton, weight training, etc). Swimming. Outdoor sports (eg: football, cricket, golf, model aircraft, etc). Disability sports link project. GP referral scheme. Improved standard of health/fitness and social activity. Sporting Opportunities for disabled people. Better quality of life.
Complementary to surgical, medical treatment, less drug dependency.
37.Community Facilities Canal Basin (Mooring facilities) Milton Barracks Complex, Springhead Pavilion, Shears Green Community Centre, etc. Improved standard of health/fitness, enhancement of social cohesion in the community and encouragement to perform or create in their chosen fields. Better quality of life.
38.Leisure Development Health Related Fitness Campaign.Greater awareness of the importance of leisure for health and the council's facilities for this purpose. Improved standard of health/fitness and social activity and better quality of life.
Active for Life Campaign. Recognition of the importance of leisure for health, the promotion of healthy active leisure and to target the sedentary. Better quality of life and a reduced demand on acute services, overtime.
Health of the Nation Campaign. Promotion for health for all.Better quality of life.
More People, More Active, More Often Campaign. Strategy aimed at encouraging more people to enjoy a physically active lifestyle. Better quality of life.

39.Project DentonAlthough not delivered by GBC we are the lead partner, a number of projects contribute to health:

—  New/Improved Sporting facilities
—  Carers support service
—  Educational programmes
—  Employment opportunities
—  Etc.
Improved fitness, support and ability to be healtheir,
More jobs—reduction poverty.
Better education.
Improved physical and mental health.
40.Environmental Improvements Improvements to our physical surroundings. Removal of "eyesores" and potentially dangerous situations—designs taking on board the needs of those with disabilities, etc. Sense of well being and a safe environment—improved mental health.
41.Estate Management Proper management of council owned industrial/commercial property. Safer working environments.Fewer incidences of accidents/industrial ill health.
42.Town Centre security/Management Town Warden duties
Reduced crime and disorder.Reduction stress, improved mental health.
43.Economic Development Improving the local economy and creating employment opportunities. Increased individual and community wealth. Improved physical and mental health.
44.Borough Plan 2nd Review Preparation of proposals and policies for development and the use of the land in the entire borough. Providing for the needs of the borough its residents and workforce in as sustainable a way as possible. Improved physical and mental health.
45.Development Control and Enforcement Determination of planning applications in accordance with local and national planning policies.
Enforcement of planning controls.
Unacceptable proposals rejected and others controlled where appropriate, positive contribution to meeting housing needs, economic regeneration and the provision of a good social infrastructure. Improved physical and mental health.
46.Kent ThamesideInitiatives for development, transportation, and environmental improvements in Kent Thameside which is a major growth area in the government's Thames Gateway Initiative. Economic regeneration of sustainable development with the required social infrastructure provided. Improved physical and mental health.
47.Transportation, Policies, Proposals and Projects and Control of Vehicle Parking Standards Work with other councils and agencies in the provision and implementation of an integrated transport strategy. Increased use of public transport, cycling and walking. Improved air quality. Improved accesss to services. Reduction in respiratory illness.
Improved mental and physical wellbeing.
48.Contaminated Land Implementation of proposed government regulations, including the identification of the sites, nature of contamination and the required remedial measures. Reduction in contaminated sites in the borough with appropriate development being achieved. Reduced risk of ill-health to people from contamination.

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