Select Committee on Health Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter from the Policy Research Officer, Central Council of Physical Education, to the Chairman of the Committee (PH 85A)


  I am writing to commend the Committee for the highly constructive evidence session held last Thursday. The CCPR's members will be greatly encouraged to learn how both Committee members and witnesses set out the health benefits of physical activity. This theme is reflected in our consultation manifesto `Towards an Active Britain'.

  Following on from the evidence session, there are two issues on which the CCPR would wish to enclose further information. John Austin MP raised the issue of work being done by elite sport for the grassroots. Attention is drawn to the CCPR's Voluntary Code of Conduct on Broadcasting Rights (see enclosed annex) which commits signatories to a minimum 5 per cent investment of TV revenue to grassroots development.

  On the important issue of exercise for the elderly, Bob Laventure from the British Heart Foundation made reference to a sports leadership scheme for the elderly being run in East Sussex. The scheme referred to is a Community Sports Leadership Award Scheme organised by the British Sports Trust, which is the charitable arm of the CCPR. The British Sports Trust annually trains 50,000 sports leaders of all ages through their various programmes.

  The specific scheme referred to is called `vintage sports' and is organised by Wealden District Council. It aims to train the elderly as sports leaders who can then organise activities for their peers in the local community. The peer mentoring element of the scheme is effective in encouraging elderly people in the local community to take part in the activities organised by the elderly sports leaders.

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Prepared 28 March 2001