Select Committee on Health Third Report


Memoranda submitted by:
1. Mr Mark Holloway [H3]
2. Headway Cardiff [H4]
3. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust [H6]
4. Mr Tom Howe [H10]
5. Mr Clive Langman [H14]
6. Mr Norman Keen [H18]
7. Leonard Cheshire [H20]
8. Miss C Stevenson [H22]
9. Southern Derbyshire Head Injury Service [H24]
10. Headway Lincolnshire [H26]
11. Headway Bristol [H27]
12. Mrs Pam Durrant [H28]
13. Headway Cambridgeshire [H28A]
14. Miriam Lantsbury [H30]
15. Headway Cornwall [H31]
16. Association of Serious Injury Solicitors [H36]
17. Mr Guy Soulsby [H38]
18. Mr Keith Jenkins [H44]
19. Priory Healthcare [H45]
20. Mr Neil Cawthorn [H47]
21. Dr Frances Clegg [H48A]
22. Jos Kerkvliet [H49]
23. UKABIF [H51]
24. The Royal College of Surgeons of England [H52]
25. Maivor De Young [H57]
26. Liz Grice [H73]
27. Philippa Stilwell [H77]
28. Rehab UK [H85]
29. Independent Healthcare Association [H86]
30. Mr David Turner [H92]

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 3 April 2001