Select Committee on Health Third Report


The following memoranda have been reported to the House, but to save printing costs they have not been printed and copies have been placed in the House of Commons Library, whey they may be inspected by Members. Other copies are in the Record Office, House of Lords, and are available to the public for inspection. Requests for inspection should be addressed to the Record Office, House of Lords, London, SW1 (tel 020 7219 3074). Hours of inspection are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Mondays to Fridays.

Memoranda or supplementary memoranda submitted by:

Headway Portsmouth & South-East Hampshire [H2]
Exeter and District Community Health Council [H5]
Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust [H7]
Mr Robin Dole [H8]
Mrs Christine Hutson [H9]
Mr Anthony Best [H12]
Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre [H13]
Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre [H15]
Home & Workplace Assessments [H16]
Exeter & District Community Health Service [H17]
Dr Michael Oddy and Dr Camilla Herbert [H21]
British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers [H23]
Headway Shropshire [H35]
Headway Devon [H32]
Mrs Clair Stuffins [H33]
Brain and Spinal Injury Charity [H35]
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers [H37]
Headway Scunthorpe [H39]
Anne Stewart [H40]
Miss R Lowe [H41]
Mid Sussex NHS Trust [H42]
Head Injury Service [H43]
Mary Baker [H26]
North West London Hospitals NHS Trust [H48]
Dr Kieran O'Driscoll [H50]
Community Health Sheffield NHS Trust-Disabilities Division-Community Brain Injury Service [H53]
St George's Healthcare Trust, Wolfson Neuro-rehabilitation Centre [H54]
Headway South Bucks [H55]
Worcestershire Community and Mental Health NHS Trust [H56]
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Community Brain Injury Service [H58]
Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists [H59]
Maggie Campbell [H60]
The Medical Defence Union [H61]
Birmingham Specialist NHS Community Health NHS Trust [H62]
Dr T Landham [H63]
Community Head Injury Service [H64]
Mainstay Life Service [H65]
Professor Graham Teasdale [H66]
Society of British Neurological Surgeons And Regional Specialist Services Commissioners Joint Working Group [H67]
Claire Balfour-TRU Ltd [H68]
British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine [H69]
Society of British Neurological Surgeons [H70]
Headway Tunbridge Wells & District [H71]
Headway Essex [H72]
Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital [H74]
Warwickshire College [H75]
Julie Bridgewater [H76]
Sally Lawson [H78]
Mrs Meg Lindsay [H79]
Mr Lee Mather [H80]
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust [H81]
Helen Langley [H82]
Ashworth Hospital Authority [H83]
North Derbyshire Health Care Service [H84]
Dr Richard Greenwood and Mr Laurence Watkins [H87]
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [H88]
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Liverpool [H89]
Headway House East Dorset [H90]
Headway North Herts & Stevenage [H91]
General Healthcare Group [H93]
Celtic Dimensions [H94]
Dr Elizabeth Francis [H95]
West Norfolk Primary Care Trust [H96]
Mr Grahame Akers [H97]
Ms Cathy Johnson [H98]
Northumberland Head Injury Service [H99]
Mr Martin Howart [H100]
Dr Christian Murray-Leslie and Professor Christopher Ward [H101]

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Prepared 3 April 2001