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Memorandum by Mrs M. Parish (B 5)

  I feel that I have been badly let down by the NHS, or were they as naive as myself over the Silicone Implants? I will never know. To be told you have breast cancer is a big enough blow then to lose half your breast is another. I was asked many times to think about an implant, Quote (I will just make a small incision and pop it in) unquote. I lived without the implant for nearly six years, then I decided to have the operation.

November 1983

  Tumour removed plus half my left breast followed by Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

February 1990

  Had a Silicone Implant, told at the time it could go hard but this was very rare.

September 1990

  Lump appeared above my left breast, very red and itchy also a very pronounced Collar Bone, given cream for the lump, x-ray results show thickening of the bones.

March 1991

  Lump getting bigger and much more sensitive and very hot, could not wear a seat belt in the car or sit my Grandchildren on my lap, if the lump was touched or knocked it would burn and be very painful, had a biopsy, results inflamed tissue, given cream.

March 1992

  This was my yearly check-up.

  I had seen the World in Action programme on Silicone Gel and sent for the Dow Corning information pack, I showed this to my surgeon who was very interested and asked me where I got the leaflet as she would like a copy. Meanwhile the lump was getting bigger and the collar bone thicker, she said she thought the implant was too tight and made an appointment for me to come into hospital to have a small piece of skin taken from my back to give the implant more room.

April 1992

  I arrived at the hospital and got into bed, a young Doctor arrived to examine me he said, "are you aware you are going to have major surgery?" I said, "I think you have made a mistake" and explained what I was there for. He said "have you seen the surgeon?" I said, "no" and he left. The surgeon arrived not (Mrs Gilchick) but a member of the team I had seen before she was so excited for me as they were going to remove the implant they were going to tunnel a muscle from my back into my breast and she was measuring my back so a scar would not show in a swim suit, I asked why were they taking the implant out. She replied it was for the best. I was in a state of shock and I went along with it. I was never given a reason for removing the implant just it is for the best, I was relieved to have it out as I suspected it was causing all my problems.


  I had read about other women having problems with silicone so I went and saw Dr Sarah Myhill in Wales. She was very interested in the lump and said if I had it removed could I get a sample to send to Professor Shanklin in America. Well I had the lump removed and they were going to send a sample to Wales. When I went back two weeks later I was told no results were available and no sample was sent to Wales. (I still have the letter). Many months later I was told the inflamed tissue contained silicone.


  Went to hospital with pains in my chest; get abnormal ECG readings. Angiogram results negative discharged.


  Breathing problems. X-rays clear except for scarring from Radiotherapy. Test results blockage to the lungs resulting in air and blood flow reduction, discharged.


  Now have a lump on the Liver. What this is, is anyone's guess as they don't know. So now I am left with:- shortage of breath, chest pains, burning pains in my chest and breast, night sweats, chronic fatigue, bleeding gums, neurological symptoms in left arm, reynards disease in my feet, lump on the liver, anxiety.

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