Select Committee on International Development Third Report


The Committee has during the course of the Parliament visited a number of developing countries and has on each occasion looked at work done to combat HIV/AIDS. Countries visited include Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda; India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; Cambodia and Vietnam. On each visit we have met those living with HIV/AIDS, looked at work amongst high-risk groups, discussed with Ministers and officials their strategies to combat the epidemic. It was, however, our visit in 2000 to southern Africa that convinced us of the need to devote an inquiry to HIV/AIDS and its impact on social and economic development. It became apparent during our visit to South Africa in particular that the impact of HIV/AIDS went well beyond the health sector and that, in sub-Saharan Africa especially, all development would need to be approached differently in the light of the epidemic. We took oral evidence for the resulting inquiry in June and July 2000.

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Prepared 29 March 2001