Select Committee on International Development Written Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Medical Research Council (MRC)

  Please find attached the MRC's submission to the International Development Committee's inquiry. I apologise for the lateness with which we are making this available to you.

  As the document points out, the MRC's HIV/AIDS research programmes in Africa are tailored to offer health solutions that reflect the needs of host societies. The MRC's strategy in this area is essentially threefold:

    —  fundamental research into aspects of HIV/AIDS;

    —  research into prevention and public health;

    —  vaccine research.

  The development of partnerships between the MRC, Government departments in the respective countries, local research institutions and local communities is an integral part of the MRC's approach. The MRC also has a well-established relationship with the Department for International Development.

  Incidentally, the programme in Uganda—one of the three programmes highlighted in our submission—was the subject of a presentation that the MRC gave in February 1999 to the All-Party Group on AIDS and the All-Party Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health. Please contact our Parliamentary Officer, Pippa Hawkesford, if you would like a copy of the note from that meeting.

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Prepared 29 March 2001