Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Lorna Harris, Judicial Cooperation Unit, Home Office


  Following my appearance before the Committee yesterday, I undertook to provide you with further information relating to money laundering prosecutions, and links between these and suspicious transaction reports.

  The latest figures relating to money laundering prosecution and conviction are as follows:
19871988 19891990 199119921993 19941995 199619971998 1999[17]
Prosecutions818 111015 11161529 327652 112
Convictions07 354 8753 134326 38

  These figures are compiled from Magistrates Courts Returns and as such there is no direct link between them and the submission of suspicious transaction reports.

  However, the Economic Crime Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Service maintains their own figures in this area as detailed below:
19951996 19971998
Number of disclosures received13,710 16,12514,14814,129
Number of cases resulting in prosecution 13522688 136
Number of cases judges to be of intelligence value 5,4604,9513,900 4,678

  It will be noted that prosecution figures for equivalent years are higher for the NCIS data. This relates to the fact that prosecution figures submitted for any given year increase over time, as due to the complex nature of the cases many investigations initiated by disclosures take a number of years to conclude, and the figures are retrospectively revised by NCIS.

  I hope this additional information is adequate for the Committee's needs.

Lorna Harris

Judicial Cooperation Unit

November 2000

17   Provisional 1999 data. Back

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Prepared 5 April 2001