Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 320 - 322)



Mr Colman

  320. The CSD on financing will cover corruption.
  (Mr Malloch Brown) Yes.

Mr Rowe

  321. I think some of us have been quite shocked to discover that despite all of our rhetoric and our well-intentioned institutions that the United Kingdom has not got a very glowing record of co-operating with requests to provide information to people trying to stamp out corruption in their own country, and so on. I just wonder to what extent does UNDP find that some of the donor countries are strangely reluctant when it comes to prosecuting their own nationals? I just wondered if that was a difficulty for you?
  (Mr Malloch Brown) I think different countries have different Achilles' heels on this issue. The United Kingdom issue has been this banking issue, of funds coming through the UK banking system. I am not aware—this may just be ignorance so do not take it as a particularly authoritative word on this—of a problem with the UK in terms of its suppliers and contractors in developing countries misbehaving on a large scale. I could not say the same about some of your European competitors.


  322. That is a most interesting note on which I think we should end! I want to thank you very much indeed for a very fascinating session. I think it has helped the Committee a great deal to try and focus on what we have got to do which in this huge field is only going to touch on the problem but it will make a contribution, we hope, particularly as a result of your contribution. Thank you very much.
  (Mr Malloch Brown) Thank you.

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Prepared 5 April 2001