Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 580 - 586)



  580. We are going to go and visit that area, so we will see for ourselves, but I am very grateful to you for that information.
  (Mr Taylor) Would you like our monitoring office contact details, and you could go and visit them and see how it works?

  581. Yes; we do have that, I believe.
  (Mr Taylor) You have the monitoring office?

  582. Yes.
  (Mr Taylor) Okay; perhaps we will get them to you, right.

  583. I think, actually, we have learned an awful lot from you this morning. We believe that we only need a few names from you, which I think possibly you could give to the Clerk, after we have finished the formal session; but we do not think we really need to go into private session, unless you believe we should?
  (Mr Taylor) No; that is fine.

  584. Good. Well, I think we should wind up at this time, but we are very interested and horrified by a lot of what you have told us, and very grateful to you for alerting us to it; and we will try to pursue it, in the limited time available that we have.
  (Mr Taylor) Thank you very much. I would be very grateful, if there is anything you can do to add your voice to try to persuade the oil companies to move a little bit.

  Chairman: We will have to decide, on the evidence we have got, what we are going to do. We have not got to that point; but, obviously, this evidence being given by you in public, we cannot ignore it.

Mr Colman

  585. Chairman, I think it would be useful to know that if Global Witness do apply to give evidence to Shell and to BP, to their audit committees, on what they have said, if, in fact, Shell and BP turn down Global Witness's offer. I think that would be very helpful to know.
  (Mr Taylor) That is a very good idea. I will let you know.


  586. Yes; we will be very grateful for that. Thank you very much indeed for coming, and it is a very important issue and points you have made to us. Thank you very much.
  (Mr Taylor) Thank you for having me.

  Chairman: Thank you.

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Prepared 5 April 2001