Select Committee on International Development Fourth Report


193. Corruption undermines development, hampers growth and has to be tackled. We must continue to help developing countries build an environment that will eliminate corruption. Building and strengthening the necessary institutions and systems is key to creating the right climate for tackling corruption. The impact of petty corruption must not be overlooked, for it is petty corruption that will have the most direct impact on the poor.

194. The companies, financial institutions and governments of the developed world share the responsibility for eliminating corruption. We must not only support developing countries who have made a real commitment to tackle corruption but must look to put our own house in order. The Government cannot continue to make improvements in governance a condition for development assistance when it has failed to implement the OECD Convention on the Bribery of Foreign Public Officials. A lack of focus and coordination is hampering efforts to tackle corruption and money laundering in the UK. There is a need for one department or body to take a lead and provide a focus for current activity. We urge the UK Government to act on these issues swiftly.

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Prepared 4 April 2001