Select Committee on International Development Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary memorandum submitted by The Corner House


  In Appendix 1 of the Corner House's evidence, the Bujagali Dam is listed as being under consideration for support by the Export Credits Guarantee Department. This was correct at the time of writing.

  However, in response to further inquiries, the ECGD has now stated (February 15) that it is no longer considering the project and would not be prepared to extend credits or guarantees for it, due to unacceptable financial risks arising from the Ugandan power sector. No formal application was made by AES, the project developer.

  The World Bank, which was also listed as a potential funder, is however still involved. The project therefore remains relevant to the Corner House's submission.

Nicholas Hildyard

The Corner House

February 2001

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Prepared 5 April 2001