Select Committee on International Development Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by TotalFinaElf Holdings UK Limited

  Thank you for your letter of 22nd January. We are grateful to you and your committee for giving us the opportunity to reply to representations made against Elf in the evidence you have received.

  As you will appreciate, TotalFinalElf Holdings is a UK company which looks after the interests of our Group's operations based in the United Kingdom, and as such, has no connection with operations in other parts of the world. I have, however, reviewed your letter with our UK Chairman, Charles Henderson, and with the Director of Institutional Relations in Paris, M Jacques de Naurois. It is our view that the documentation which accompanied your letter contain some unsubstantiated allegations which preclude any precise answer.

  We would like to draw the attention of the committee to the fact that Elf merged with TotalFina on 16th October 2000, under the Chairmanship of M Thierry Desmarest. Following the merger, M Desmarest has recently published a Code of Conduct for the new Group in which he set out the Group's core values. These are professionalism, respect for Group employees, and a commitment to contribute to the development of host countries.

  A copy of this Code of Conduct is attached[136] and I would like to emphasise the following specific points:

    —  As a responsible industrial Group, TotalFinaElf's aim is to contribute to an efficient and properly managed utilisation of all sources of energy and products it deal in.

    —  TotalFinaElf takes account of the needs of today's consumers and the interests of future generations by an active policy of environmental protection.

    —  TotalfFinaElf, in carrying on its business, respects the natural environment and the cultural values of all the countries in which it is present.

    —  The Group contributes through its activities to the social and economic development of these countries, particularly in the areas in which its activities are carried out, and abstains from all intervention in the political processes of host countries.

  I would also add that we have met a number of bodies who are interested in our activities at our offices n Paris, and have also taken interested parties to our operational sites. We would certainly be prepared to do so again to help understanding.

Mary Dwyer

Group Public Affairs Manager, TotalFinaElf Holdings UK Limited

February 2001

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