Select Committee on International Development Minutes of Evidence

Examination of witness (Questions 280-282)


RT HON STEPHEN BYERS, a Member of the House, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

Dr Godman

  280. Does the same hold for fisheries?
  (Mr Byers) I understand it applies to all agricultural purposes. Whether fisheries are covered, I do not know.

  281. I think that is a worthwhile question, if I may say so.
  (Mr Byers) I will make sure you get a reply.


  282. Secretary of State, thank you very much indeed for your patience. We have had an interesting and exhausting but fruitful day. I am leaving the House but the one thing which might have kept me here is I would love to see this Bill go through. I hope in the next session of Parliament we are going to have a most important piece of legislation and I hope this Committee has made an important contribution to it.
  (Mr Byers) Can I say that I welcome the opportunity of appearing before you and I will genuinely be looking forward to the views of the Committee on the draft Bill and on the consultation. It has been very clear to me in reading the work you have already been involved in as a Joint Committee that you have both informed the debate within Government and indeed have moved the Government in a particular direction that the Committee hopefully finds helpful. I do hope that when the final Bill is produced, hopefully in the not too distant future, it will be a Bill which members of the Joint Committee can take some pride in because it will reflect many of the views you have expressed over recent months.

  Chairman: Thank you very much indeed.

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Prepared 30 April 2001