Select Committee on Liaison First Report

Letter from the Cabinet Office to the Clerk of the Committee


Thank you for your letter of 27 November where you requested information on Committee recommendations relating to the Cabinet Office where a Government response is outstanding, or there are other relevant circumstances.

I am not aware of any outstanding recommendations from Committee reports during the 1997-98 and 1998-99 sessions. On the Sixth Report of the 1998-99 Session relating to Quangos I understand that Graham Stringer will be sending a follow-up letter shortly.

For the 1999-00 Session the position on each of the Committee's reports is:

First Report (The Freedom of Information Bill) - This is a Home Office responsibility but I note that there were no explicit recommendations for the Government.

Second Report (Work of the Commissioner for Public Appointments: Appointments to NHS Trusts and Health Authorities) - This is a Department of Health responsibility but I understand that they are working on a response which should be with the Committee shortly.

Third Report (Review of the Public Sector Ombudsmen in England) - The latest position is described in Graham Stringer's responses to two Parliamentary Questions on 29 November. The Government is currently considering responses to a consultation document and hopes to announce its conclusions in the New Year. The Committee's recommendations are being considered during this process.

Fourth Report (Annual Report of the Parliamentary Ombudsman) - This report was published on 30 November.

Fifth Report (Administrative Failure: Inherited SERPS) - This report was published on 23 November and concerns primarily the Department of Social Security. The Government will be responding in the New Year.

I hope this is satisfactory but please let me know if there are any particular recommendations where you would like further clarification of the position.

Mary Hourihan
15 December 2000

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Prepared 3 April 2001